FastPivot Speaking at Internet Retailer Web Design and Mobile Commerce 2014

FastPivot Provides Mobile Website Design Expertise at Internet Retailer Web Design and Mobile Commerce 2014 in Orlando

We get mobile website design here at FastPivot.

So much so that the organizers of the Internet Retailer Web Design and Mobile Commerce Event in Orlando  reached out to us to speak on Mobile Design tomorrow.

If you’re at the show you can hear (and learn from) FastPivot CEO Matt Ledford in his Mobile Usability Lessons Learned session from 9:45am-10:15am.

Here is what Matt is going to talk about:

“Every retailer is concerned with the challenges surrounding mobile and tablet growth. With all the talk about responsive, surprisingly we discovered the majority of the sites we evaluated are not responsive but providing a dedicated mobile site. Further, most had experienced disappointments in one way or another. This session will touch on usability research applied to these experiences and the flaws, conversion killers and “mobile pet peeves” we discovered.”

If you haven’t included mobile website design in your ecommerce strategy, revisit that decision as soon as possible. Mobile is here to stay, and Matt’s presentation tomorrow will cover many of the ways to make the best of your small screen retailing opportunity.

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