Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Our process based pay per click strategy system aims to lower your cost percentages while raising your return on ad investment (ROI) and increasing conversion rates. Here at FastPivot our PPC specialists work with you to determine and set Key Performance Goals specific to you market.

Starting the process with our Fastpivot Analytics Home Run product as a static baseline, we will continue to assess, plan and execute the needed changes to meet and surpass those Key Performance Goals using a process we call Pivot360 which continually monitors and adjusts your course as needed. Our certified analysts work continually for you customizing your needed account management services.

Every strategy is a bit different depending on the goals and needs of the individual client however some of the items that we generally look at when building a Google Adwords PPC Strategy are:

  • Ad Group performance based on Number of Keywords, Return on Ad Spend, Cost per Acquisition and Ad Group Conversion
  • Geographic performance ¬†to find the hidden cost savings based on area
  • Match type Performance so as to determine best practice type utilization for optimal Ad Spend
  • ¬†Keyword performance in terms of Quality Score so as to optimize your costs and lower your overall ad spend percentages.

Having spent roughly 2 decades in the ecommerce space and having worked with several thousand businesses just like yours, we are sure our proven processes will be exactly what you need for success.

Contact us today and let one of our Google certified Adwords specialist do an initial review and assessment of your Adwords account to see where we may begin.

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