Analytics Home Run

One of the services we offer is setting you up to hit the Analytics Home Run. What’s Analytics Home Run you ask? Well, there are four main bases that you need to have covered to make sure you’re getting useful and accurate data. They are as follows:

  1. Google Analytics should be installed on all of the pages on your site.
  2. Google Analytics and Google Adwords should be connected to each other to ensure accurate reporting.
  3. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools should be connected.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords should be connected. (For Yahoo! Stores, we also recommend
    Monitus Tools to record income back into Adwords)

As the only certified Google partner in Western North Carolina, we can help make sure you’re covering all of your bases. We will also train and coach you on how to accurately interpret the data you’re getting, so you can make better informed decisions. The end result is a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your store, which in turn, helps you effectively grow your business.

We also provide plug and play analytics dashboards that make it easy to keep an eye on the stuff that matters.

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