One of the newer kids on the ecommerce block, Shopify has really raised its profile since 2012. While lacking some of the advanced features of more sophisticated ecommerce platforms, it is a simple-to-set-up and simple-to-use ecommerce platform. Hundreds of ready-made themes, widgets and plugins, which provide the basics of an attractive and functioning retailing website, make it a great first step into the world of online retail.

The downside to simple, out-of-the-box solutions like Shopify is that the simplicity often leaves revenue on the table. A Shopify site, like any other online store, needs to be tuned, optimized and honed for retailing success. That’s what we’re here for.

Think of us like high-performance racing mechanics trained to squeeze the last percentages out of a supercharged engine. We’ll apply our 15 years of ecommerce experience and a lot of tools to your Shopify site to ensure that it delivers as much as it can. We’ll analyze, optimize and customize (if necessary) your Shopify site to tune it into a scalding-hot, revenue-breathing dragon.

That’s what we call getting the most out of an ecommerce platform. If you’re considering Shopify or already have a Shopify site and want to get more from it, give us a call. We’ll share the excitement.

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