Fast Pivot has been doing online retail for over 15 years.

Ecommerce platforms are a vital component and contributor to online success. You couldn’t have thrived as we have for over 15 years, without becoming an expert at extending the capabilities of popular ecommerce platforms.

Knowing how to help your customers supercharge their platforms is like being an expert car mechanic and knowing how to find additional horsepower from the stock factory configuration.

While the platforms circa 2000 were fairly limited in functionality, most of today’s platforms include a lot of bells and whistles. We know how to make the most of whatever functionality your platform offers.

Tools Change: What Makes Customers Happy Doesn’t.

At Fast Pivot, we maintain a culture of learning. We stay up to date on the latest tools and industry trends, all while refusing to abandon our basic values and principles of helping people build great businesses!

Leveraging Experience Across Platforms.

We have experience across many ecommerce platforms, including: Yahoo!, Shopify, and Netsuite. We will help you pick the platform that best fits your business needs and goals. Beyond that, however, we have discovered that there are certain fundamentals of building trust and delivering a great experiences that do not change with platform, and THAT is what you’ll benefit most from by partnering with Fast Pivot.

You know how the old saying goes, “To a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Good thing we have a full tool belt! We’ll help you figure out which e-commerce platform is right for you, and then help customize and optimize your experience!