Keith Enloe


My hometown:

Asheville NC

My Favorite Things To Do In My Spare Time?

Sailing, offshore preferably but its ALL good. I’m a sports car fanatic and regularly jump in the car to drive our mountain roads. Anything Sci Fi.

What I did before joining FastPivot:

Before launching an Internet startup called in the mid 1990’s I was in the food service industry owning a local Subway franchise and was a partner in a company called DRS Inc. which owned the Dominoes pizza franchises in our area running 12 stores

What I like about working at FastPivot:

The people, the work environment and the great things we are able to create for our customers. We have a brilliant team with a tremendous amount of experience which allows for fun problem solving opportunities.

My Coolest project ever:

I think it may have been the store for 3M. We have had the privilege of working with many Fortune 500/1000 clients over the years but I think 3M was the first really big client we took on. It proved to me that a small, very smart, agile firm like ours could bring a continued level of expertise and team continuity to a company of that size and scale.

MyFavorite E-commerce Sites:

For me I think its Ebay. Yes, they’re an auction site but they merge the ‘Buy Now’ idea brilliantly into the system. Simple works.

My Favorite technology:

I’ve become fascinated with the amazing progress happening in the robotics area. Specifically in the use of mechanical prosthetics and the huge leap in neuro connectivity between the appliance and the brain. The brain using the residual nerve endings to control the prosthetics and the precise control that is now able to be created. Its a huge leap in processing power and precision. It will be an incredible step up in mobility for so many people.

My Favorite iPhone/Android app:

The Google app and the Yahoo Weather app

My Music Streaming Default:


My 3 Desert Island Songs:

  • Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody
  • Son of a Sailor by Jimmy Buffett
  • Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley by Robert Palmer