New Yahoo! Store Launch: Welcome Provider Health Systems!

Even after launching thousands of Yahoo! Stores over the years, we still enjoy profiling our new Yahoo! Store launches. Why? Because every Yahoo! Store we custom build is unique and beautiful in a way that’s worth sharing! At, we love what we can do on the Yahoo! Store platform and that the platform is still as relevant and useful today, as ever. To date, there hasn’t been snags in security like many of the other platforms have experienced. Hosting is robust, and allows as many transactions as top internet retailers can muster! A wide range of custom development and design is possible. Etc., etc. We could continue to extol the virtues of the Yahoo! Store platform, but we digress.

Below is a screenshot from Provider Health Systems, one of our more recent custom Yahoo! Store launches. This new Yahoo! Store was built especially with the client’s industry needs in mind. Visit Provider Health Systems to see the site in action. Note that every site will include functionalities and design that set them apart from the plethora of other e-stores out there.

provider health systems
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For ecommerce merchants who have been considering a slick new Yahoo! Store, it’s important to remember that custom Yahoo! Store development and design isn’t a template process, at least not when it comes to high end work. There are a lot of chop shops out there but only a few genuine RTML authorities on the Yahoo! Store platform worth looking to for quality design and development.

FastPivot carefully gleans client creative and then meticulously blends those mental brush strokes with an architecture optimized for ecommerce best practices. So, what the client is left with is not just a stunning professional look, but a Yahoo! Store that converts superbly!

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