GSX: Some Yahoo! Store Merchants See 5-10% Increase When They Go International

Container Ships @ Port of Oakland About a year ago, a number of FastPivot’s Yahoo! Store clients began asking about how to do international business from their Yahoo! Stores. Coincidentally, we were having meetings with around the same time, and were able to connect those merchants seamlessly with a global solution they have since found convenient and profitable. Even the larger stores with international business operations in place decided to use GlobalShopEx, for the reasons outlined in the below interview:

FastPivot (FP): What does Global Shop Ex’s solution offer for Yahoo! Store merchants?

GlobalShopEx (GSX): GlobalShopex is a fully integrated International checkout and shipping solution for USA retailers.  We enable merchants to accept international orders from over 150 countries without any risk.  With a simple set up, we can offer international customers a seamless checkout experience, increase merchants order volume, while we alleviate all barriers associated with going global.  Merchants are set up to process international orders no differently than a USA transaction.  Key features of our solution include:

  • Simple integration of our “International Checkout” button into Yahoo! Store merchants cart
  • Low Rates – ~30% less than other international shipping services
  • Currency conversion & calculation of duties and taxes with localized checkout
  • International payment processing –we assume full risk of fraud and chargebacks
  • International shipping via a Fast track ‘able method
  • Customer service including local international phone numbers, email and chat & returns management
  • Guaranteed payment to the merchant is US dollars
  • Merchant web-based tool to view order activity

FP: How much does it cost for Yahoo! Store merchants to use Global Shop Ex?

GSX: In most cases (depending on level of integration), there are no upfront or integration fees.  For a small per transaction fee, merchants will reach customers in over 200 countries while protected 100% of fraud and chargebacks.

FP: How much can Yahoo! Store merchants expect to profit from Global Shop Ex?

GSX: Some merchants experience 5-10% of their business from international orders once they launch.  It depends on how much international traffic the merchant currently has, and other factors such as the weight of their items (lighter items like apparel do better than furniture which can cost a lot to ship overseas).

FP: How does GSX work on the Yahoo! Store cart level?

GSX: We simply integrate into the merchants shopping cart.  Customers will then click on the International Checkout option and are transferred to GlobalShopex to finalize their order.  The checkout experience is seamless for the customer, and GlobalShopex offers a localized checkout experience which includes the option to prepay duties and taxes and pay with their local form of payment.

FP: How does GSX’s international shipping option work?

GSX: We offer the customers a couple different options for shipping, once we check out the customer, the merchant will ship the item/order to GlobalShopex’s hub in the USA, where it’s then prepared to ship out to their customers door.  We provide tracking and full visibility into the order activity for the customer.

FP: Why can’t merchants just take international credit cards and ship orders themselves? What is GSX’s core added value?

GSX: Merchants run into many issues trying to ship internationally on their own. Typical barriers to going global include:

– Fraud and international payment processing  (GlobalShopex accepts most all international payment methods, and takes on full risk of fraud and chargeback’s for the merchant)

– Inability to calculate duties and taxes, resulting in surprises at the door for the end consumer, and abandoned packages  (GS provides the international customer a guaranteed total landed cost in the cart. Customers have an option to prepay duties and taxes or to pay at their door)

– High international shipping rates  (Coming from the logistics industry, GlobalShopex has the ability to offer aggressive international rates so merchants can convert at the highest level)

– Complex customs paperwork and identifying harmonized codes  (GlobalShopex is able to obtain accurate harmonized codes and complete customs paperwork on the merchants behalf)

– Language barriers and costly returns (GS handles all customer support in multiple languages, including local phone numbers, email and online chat)

FP: If I begin using GSX and want to stop, what is my risk/obligation?

GSX: There is no risk, we don’t bind merchants to long term contracts.  Merchants can stop using our service anytime they wish.  We also pay the merchants in real time for each order, and guarantee those funds.

FP: How many Yahoo! Store merchants are you working with now? Could you provide a testimonial?

GSX: Currently we work with over 10 Yahoo stores and are integrating them on a regular basis.  Some include,,,,,

Quote from owner of
“Getting the GlobalShopex integration for my Yahoo store set up through Fast Pivot was one of our most painless accomplishments this year. It was fast and easy, and we had our first order within days of signing up!”

FP: How can Yahoo! Store merchants get started with GSX?

Fast Pivot can put you in touch with GlobalShopex and install the solution or Yahoo! Store merchants. Merchants can typically be up and running in one week!

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