www.teno.com launches with custom Flash/Yahoo! Store configurator programmed by FastPivot

Teno Flash Product Configurator by FastPivot
Teno Flash Product Configurator by FastPivot

In June, FastPivot, a Yahoo! Store design, development and strategic solutions agency, launched an incredibly advanced jewelry configurator for TeNo, a jewelry store hosted on the Yahoo! Small Business Platform. Working with a Flash application that was integrated into the Yahoo! Store platform, FastPivot was able to create a dynamic configurator, which allows customers to build and purchase their very own YuKoN jewelry. The application visually allows customers to combine stainless steel with diamonds, ceramics, gold, sapphires, and even rubber while automatically calculating the cost and then transferring all the information into the shopping cart to check out.

Adding tools and applications such as an option/pricing configurator is a great way to improve user interface within a Yahoo! Store. TeNo originally had a Flash application that allowed customers to create jewelry, but not purchase them. FastPivot developers adjusted the Flash application so that it would calculate and push the uniquely configured item into the Yahoo! cart. FastPivot also used XML to tie the tool directly to items and pricing in the store. By adding this Yahoo! Store feature, if TeNo adjusts the price of an element in the store (say the price of a bead changes), or if they want to add an element (they offer a new bead), or even want to re-categorize their items they simply make a few adjustments in their store editor, the Flash file readjusts accordingly. This allows the application to be dynamic, picking up pricing, items, and images from data that’s still managed within their store. This flexible, custom application gives TeNo some really strong functionality without adding redundant housekeeping – no need to keep a separate listing of items and pricing within their Flash application. Also, the Flash tool saves an image of the jewelry the user creates, so the user can review this from the cart.

This is just one of many configurators that FastPivot is developing for Yahoo! Stores. Other sites include a customized computer configurator for www.agearnotebooks.com, a personalized doll creator for www.mytwinn.com and a very unique wedding/special announcement frame created through www.framethedate.com. Our Yahoo! Store design and development can help turn an ordinary Yahoo! Store into an extraordinarily-designed site. Visit these great stores today and then contact Fastpivot to find out how you can revolutionize your own Yahoo! Store!

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