The NEW Froogle

As a followup to the new Product feed requirements initiated on March 1, 2007, Google is continuing to refine its Froogle shopping comparison service. The most recent list of changes not only involves a layout change and seamless integration with Google’s standard search, but a name change as well.

As a way to keep consistancy with other Google apps and searches, Google has renamed the Froogle service to “Google Product Search”. According to Google, “We want our services and interfaces to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. We know that many shoppers start their purchase process by searching on, and this change is consistent with the language and design that users are accustomed to seeing on product search results. The Google Product Search name is also more consistent with our general practice of naming Google search offerings based on the type of information users can search for — like Google Book Search, Google Image Search, and Google Patent Search.”

More can be read on this change here.

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