President Severs Connection for Vision Nicaragua Mission

In one of the last blogs, A Blog-Worthy, Rule Breaking, Auto Reply, we mentioned that President Matthew Ledford would be traveling through Nicaragua from 12/4/09-12/14/09. During that time he was able to post a great deal about his mission on Facebook, but for the record, it is only here, on The Blog, where interested readers can read the whole story.

As president of an e-commerce and development company, Ledford’s office jargon is a fluid outflow of techno-speak. Conversion, rtml, teno, enhanced user interface, rotating banner, yahoo store design and development, are only a fraction of the terms he might say or type in any given 30 seconds of his workday. But touching ground in Managua, Nicaragua meant it was time to sever his continual link to the internet, drop the sang froid techie-talk and start thinking about Vision Nicaragua in zesty Espanol.

For those unfamiliar with Vision Nicaragua, glance through their built website, to learn more. A mission statement is included on their About Us page, which reads as follows: “Vision Nicaragua is a non-profit, multi-denominational Christian organization, whose purpose is to make known and serve the spiritual, physical and financial needs of the people of Nicaragua. Vision Nicaragua is open to all who are willing to share their God given gifts and talents with the people of Nicaragua.”

Along with other members of an international mission team, Ledford set out with a bright lantern of goodwill and healthy dose of Christmas cheer to a country that endures tidal waves of mass poverty and political strife on a daily basis.

“We went to over half a dozen locations and gave out over 500 gifts,” Ledford said. These weren’t ordinary gifts like children back home might get. In fact, kids from the USA might scoff at what these families were receiving.

Family recipients of Vision Nicaragua gifts were excited to receive items many Americans take for granted. “Getting washcloths, soap, toothpaste, coloring books etc. gives a different perspective on Christmas than we see in the States. You’re giving shoes to kids who don‚Äôt have any at all or to those who have been cutting out the soles of their shoes as they grow to make them fit. We gave over 100 pairs of shoes,” said Ledford.

School supplies were also delivered and Ledford recalls how Yo Yos, recorders, harmonicas, and anything that made noises were a big hit at the orphanages. “The kids loved making noises with them” he said.

Along with giving gifts, Ledford and his team participated in elements of a thriving local Micro-enterprise project as well.

Outside of tending to humanitarian duties, Ledford also had some free time to spend getting to know some of the local families. In just the short time he was there, he was invited to be a part of more than ten weddings and baptisms. And between regular gear checks for scorpions, he was able to get out to the coast on a “real” surfboard to ride out some gnarly breakers.

Below are some select YouTube videos Ledford made as he documented his journey through Nicaragua:

  1. Bethel NicaraguaDay One Trip Update
  2. Microenterprise
  3. David OsbourneDemonstrates Papaya Harvest, Nica Style
  4. Dr. MiguelVision Nicaragua Bethel Medical Clinic Tour Par
  5. SantaThe Pinyata

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