Pillows.com accompanies name change with a new look!

We’re very proud of one of our latest projects, the newly launched Pillows.com. It’s a great example of the results our clients see when we apply our Pivot360 methodology to ecommerce retailing. It’s a methodology comprising assessment, planning and execution that we’ve honed and used with many of our clients in recent years. Here’s how it made Pilllows.com better.

Pillows.com before screenshot
Pillows.com after screenshot

Earlier this year, PacificPillows.com decided to update its brand to Pillows.com. It was an obvious opportunity to not only rebrand the company, but also update and refresh its commerce presence. We were delighted at the chance to do a comprehensive project, and create an ecommerce store worthy of the new brand.

Our FastPivot mission is to help customers find it faster and purchase it easier. While it’s too early to quantify just how much we’ve improved the shopping experience in terms of increased conversion and revenue, you can see in the Before and After images some of the improvements. Here are some of the specific results:

Better Navigation

The top drop-down navigation was improved from a single scrolling dropdown to a mega-menu rollout.

Site Search

The search area was made more prominent as well as their unique selling points.


The footer saw the greatest transition, which allows for clear housekeeping and information links.

Social Integration

Social networking was strengthened through placement of the primary link icons as well as the newsletter capture area.

Visual Branding

Overall, the site’s color palette was adjusted to bring a white balance more front-and-center and uses soft blues for call-outs and highlights.

Pillows.com will continue to use design best-practices and data-driven analytics to refine more elements of their site through the upcoming year. The number one mission of Pillows.com is to help you sleep and live better. FastPivot is excited to be part of its on-going mission to help customers find the perfect sleeping configuration.

And Pillows.com is excited. We appreciate it when clients share the excitement so openly!

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